FAQs & Info


and some tips (info) for using this site…!

Q: When does the contest close for entries?
A: The contest closes for entries on the 8th August 2020

Q: Is there a limit on the number of songs I can enter?
A: No, you can enter as many songs as you like but you cannot enter the same song in more
than one section.

Q: Can a song be entered into more than one category?
A: No, a song can only be entered into one category (not multiple categories)

Q:  How can I delete any incorrect (or unwanted) entry items in my CART before proceeding to payment?
A:  If you VIEW CART you will see a small red X to the left of the image – click this and it will delete entry(s) in your Cart for you

Q: What files are required the categories in this competition?
A:    Live category …  requires the submission of lyrics (PDF) only
       Recorded category … requires the submission of an MP3 file and lyrics (PDF)
       Instrumental category … requires the submission of an MP3 file only
       Lyrics category … requires the submissionof lyrics (PDF) only

Q: Who do I contact if I experience problems entering/uploading songs to this competition?
A: If you experience any problems entering, uploading songs using this site please contact admin@songcentral.com.au for assistance.  Please include a
description of your problem and your phone number and we will be in touch to help you!

Q:  Do I need to login or know a password to enter via this site? 

A: This site does not require entrants to ”login” nor the creation of user accounts.  The process requires the entrant to select the ENTER NOW button from the top menu bar and complete the form with your contact details etc.

It will then ask you to nominate how many songs you wish to enter (it enables you to enter up to 12 at one time).  If you wish to enter more at any stage you simply return to the start and follow the same steps.

You will then be asked to submit the (required) files for the category you are entering (as per above) … please note all sound files need to be in MP-3 format (ideally smaller size such as 128kbps) and Lyrics files should be in PDF format

Once you have completed your entries your payment will be processed via PayPal (credit cards are fine if you don’t have a PayPal account).

Once your payment has processed your entries to the contest will be saved on the platform ready for judging.

Please click the online instruction link (below) for more details regarding the online submission process 
Online Instructions